Global Engineering Design Solutions Challenge results

Article Source: IMechE

The Institution is pleased to announce the results of the 2019 Global Engineering Design Solutions Challenge.

The Global Engineering Design Solutions Challenge is an engineering design competition for Young Members of the Institution, which aims to address real-world problems through engineering design projects and give solutions to their related challenges.

Participants are judged on innovation, feasibility to upscale the prototype and presentation quality.

Each competing entrant/team will produce a design that should be production ready. The competitors must function individually or as a team to design and promote their ideas, build, test and compete with a functional prototype within the limit of the competition rules.

The competition is open to all Young Members of the Institution – Affiliates, Associates or any member who has been professionally registered for less than 10 years, both in the UK and internationally. Participants are judged on innovation, feasibility to upscale the prototype and presentation quality.

The Competition

Stage one – a written design proposal to solve the water crisis. Entrants shall submit a technical paper of their designs based on the brief outlined. The five technical papers with the highest awarded judge scores advanced to the second stage of the competition.

Stage two  – entrants have the opportunity to build their prototype. IMechE provided a grant of up to £100 GBP per entrant/team to help with material costs for the prototype. Participants were expected to create a 10-minute video which includes a presentation and footage of the working prototype.

The Results

Winner: Rubina Bahar – Malaysia


  • Seah Chiun Chao – Malaysia
  • Hong Chin Hsien – Malaysia

3rd Place: Ben Baby – UAE

4th Place: Marios Souzou – UK

5th Place: Hadi Afiq Bin Mohd Hamdan – Malaysia.

This year’s competition has seen some very high quality entries. Congratulations to everyone who took part in this competition.

Further information

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