A lot has been spoken in previous sections about business goals and finance. Running your own business does not feel like an ordinary job. You are driven by a passion and desire to succeed. It requires unshakeable belief in yourself and the ability to get up time and time again when you are knocked down.

Entrepreneurs become very selfish and self-centred people; they see the achievement of their goals as the most important things in their lives.

Although this drive has to be there to ensure success, there is a balance to be achieved between family and business. The tendency is for your mind to always be living for tomorrow, but try to stop whenever you can and live your today. It is the only thing that you can be sure you have, the past has gone and nobody knows what the future holds. Your children only grow up once; you can’t go back when you have achieved your goals and relive your life.

Remember that your family are also living this experience with you, the insecurities and risks that you can shoulder so well, may not be as easy to bear by those close to you.

In writing these pages I have tried to illustrate that there are many issues that have to be kept under control simultaneously, like juggling balls or spinning plates, dropping anyone of them can have disastrous effects for you and your business. So always make sure that the ‘family plate’ is spinning strongly throughout your endeavours.

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