Article Source: IMechE

A new artificially-intelligent pair of exoskeleton trousers will learn from users to suggest the best movements and efficient stances at work.

International electronics firm LG will unveil the CLOi SuitBot exoskeleton at the IFA 2018 show in Berlin at the end of the month.

The LG CLOi SuitBot and LG Shopping Cart Robot in use (Credit: LG)

The suit, designed in collaboration with the start-up SG Robotics, is designed for working, walking and standing. It supports and enhances wearers’ legs to allow more mobility and improve lower-limb strength.

The exoskeleton can also connect to other LG service robots announced earlier this year at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. It will become part of a “smart working network” to deliver information and tools at work sites in manufacturing, logistics and distribution, the company said.

In-built AI technology will also allow the SuitBot to “learn and evolve through the recognition and analysis of biometric and environmental data, measuring and analysing movements to suggest optimal movements and stances for maximum power efficiency”.

Song Dae-hyun, LG division president, said the device is “just one example of a wide range of revolutionary AI products designed to interact with users to dramatically elevate user convenience”.

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