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The Railway Challenge, organised by our Railway Division, provides a brilliant opportunity for aspiring teams to compete in yet another challenging industry-specific competition, showcasing their skills, expertise, knowledge, and business acumen.

The challenge, now in its seventh successive year, has and will continue to bring together teams of university students, as well as apprentices and graduates working in industry across the world to test their business knowledge, design ability and technical skills in a live test environment.

Participants are required to design and manufacture a miniature (10¼” gauge) railway locomotive in accordance with a set of strict rules and a detailed technical specification. The locomotives will be tested live at the competition weekend, which takes place in June at Stapleford Miniature Railway in Leicestershire, where several categories of winners and an overall Railway Challenge champion will be crowned.

If you are keen to take part in the Railway Challenge 2018, please get in touch, email: railwaychallenge@imeche.org.

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SNC in action at the 2017 event


Teams are to assume that they work for a design consultancy producing a design proposal and a prototype for a small locomotive for a large corporation.

The Challenge is to design and manufacture the prototype of this locomotive and then test this against prototypes manufactured by the other teams.

The competition will challenge participating teams on several different aspects:

Track-based challenges

  • Energy Storage Challenge
  • Traction Challenge
  • Ride Comfort Challenge
  • Noise Challenge
  • Maintainability Challenge
  • Reliability Challenge

Presentation challenges

  • Design
  • Business Case
  • Innovation

For full details download the Railway Challenge rules and technical specification.

Find outwhich teams are competing in 2018.

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