Article Source: IMechE

Jenifer Baxter, Head of Engineering at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, responds to the Government’s announcement about the Swansea Bay Tidal Project.

“We are disappointed by this news as it is a missed opportunity to boost innovation and manufacturing in Wales. The project would have been a demonstration of first-of-a-kind technology and would have brought valuable new skills to Wales. This type of innovative scheme is key to encouraging growth and diversifying industry in the region.

“The Institution is supportive of a range of low-carbon technologies and the Swansea project is one of these that offers economic and environmental benefits.”

David Harwood, South Wales Region Chair of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, said

“We support the project but are aware that it must be sensitive to environmental concerns which include the marine habitat in Swansea Bay as well as plans to quarry rock in Cornwall. We studied the environmental reports that were available last year and came to the conclusion to back the project when considering the social and economic benefits to Wales and the UK.”

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