I just wanted to share with you all (in case you missed it!) my speech from the TMMX Launch event on Monday 19th February 2018. It’s exciting to welcome Digital Manufacturing Week back to Liverpool this coming November, as well as be a part of helping encourage and promote competitive , and celebrating the very best in the industry annually. 

Without further adieu…

“It is a pleasure to be here today alongside our partners at The Manufacturer.

We have worked together on the Manufacturing Excellence / TMMX Awards programme for four years.

There is no doubt in my mind that by working together we have reached out to many more businesses, embedded many more improvements, encouraged more manufacturers to grow and celebrate that growth and, of course we have learnt a great deal ourselves.

I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 TMMX awards ceremony in Liverpool last November. It would be hard to imagine a livelier event.

The passion, commitment and pride of manufacturers large and small in that room was palpable.

The sector needs events like that with its amazing energy and enthusiasm.

And if these are the pre-requisites for a successful business then we are in very good hands.

I am excited by the prospect and by the potential for what more we can achieve, at the individual company level, and as a sector.

It is therefore heart-warming to be here in the Houses of Parliament where there is crystal clear cross-party support for an industrial strategy.

A realisation that a balanced economy is a better economy.

However, our Manufacturing review from last year showed that nearly a quarter of UK companies are fearing either zero or negative growth in 2018.

Uncertainty from Brexit seemed to be their main concern, but it was clear to us that real factors like rising raw material costs, and rising energy costs need to be met head on with agile thinking and adaptation.

But where can these businesses learn how to adapt?

Where is the affordable quality advice that they can easily access?

The Government is to be applauded for the work it does, especially with SMEs, to bring best practice to the factory door.

We are here today though to acknowledge another technique, the Self-Assessment Audit, which has been shown to be attractive by bringing immediate benefits for those who take part, but also to work in the long term by embedding operational changes.

It is the outcome of several year’s work by our members at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

They have created a rigorous business audit process that is truly world class.

Its revealing and penetrating questions never fail to offer genuine insight and guide to business improvement.

Those that take part in the process and change their operations as a result are invariably the strongest advocates of the experience for others to follow them.

The theme for my Presidential year this year is going to be Engineering in Society.

I want to emphasise how we must continue to drive innovation to meet society’s ever more challenging needs.

We mustn’t lose track of the fact that we live in a competitive world and what was good for our parents is guaranteed to be out of date for our children.

It’s schemes like TMMX with The Manufacturer that are therefore essential if we are to help our manufacturing businesses progress to take the leading roles on the world stage that they desire.

Please join me in wishing everyone success who takes part in this year’s programme.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Thank you very much.”

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