Following from the previous popular seminar, Residual Stress 2017 will provide a key opportunity for engineers to hear the latest techniques to analyse, predict, model and measure residual stress.

This one day seminar will discuss the latest techniques to effectively analyse and measure residual stress in a variety of situations and materials.

Learn from engineers and academics including TWI Ltd., Rolls-Royce, University of Manchester, Gestamp, National Physics Laboratory and other thought leaders in industry. Learn about the latest techniques and solutions from real-life case study presentations for more accurate measurement and modelling.

Take this opportunity to share cross-industry best practice during interactive panel discussions and networking sessions. Enable your organisation to better identify and control residual stress and to mitigate against catastrophic material failures.


What our speakers are looking forward to this year:

“There are several topics, including: “Micro-residual Stress Measurement” and “Residual Stress and Crack Propagation””
Wei Li, Materials Technologist at Rolls Royce
“I am looking forward to hearing the session “Residual Stresses in High Value Manufacturing””
Catrin Mair Davies, Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London
” The IMechE residual stress seminar is based on the industry trends and provide insight into cutting-edge solutions and developments in technical / engineering / manufacturing areas. Events like this specialise in finding compelling subject matter and usually relevant speakers to present their latest issues as well as hints on their latest projects and advancements…I would like to see more realistic approaches to predict and manage the level and distribution of residual stress and their significance for high value manufacturing sector.”
Hadi Moztarzadeh, Senior Fellow in Mechanical Engineering, WMG University of Warwick


  • Validation and Standardisation of Residual Stress Measurement
    Tony Fry, Science Area Leader, National Physical Laboratory
  • Residual Stresses In High Value Manufacturing
    Anas Yaghi, Senior Research Engineer, the Manufacturing Technology Centre
  • Predicting Residual Stresses and Using Them to Assess Fatigue
    Dr. Nicholas O’Meara, Project leader at TWI Ltd.
    Dr. Philippe Bastid, Principal project leader at TWI Ltd.
  • Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Residual Stresses and Strains Induced During Cold Bending of Thick Steel Plates
    Richard Villavicencio, Senior Specialist, Structures, Lloyd’s Register
  • Relaxation Methods to Measure Residual Stress In Nuclear Weldments
    Matthew Roy, Lecturer in Materials for Demanding Environments, University of Manchester


  • Update yourself on the latest techniques for assessment of residual stresses from world-leading experts
  • Hear case studies from Industry and Academia featuring the latest tools and techniques
  • Understand how to improve performance in safety and structural integrity assessments and more accurately predict the lifespan of structures and components
  • Share best practice and network with peers across multiple mechanical engineering industries, including Aerospace, Construction, Automotive and Manufacturing.
  • Identify with leading experts the prediction, measurement and characterisation of residual stress


  • Engineering (technical) manager
  • Mechanical engineering section head
  • Technical manager
  • Technical director
  • Chief engineer
  • Principal/Senior engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Structural engineer/ analyst


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