At Entrepreneurial Engineers, our aim is to encourage engineers to embrace their entrepreneurial nature.

I believe, as I have said many times before, that engineers have all the skills necessary to become successful entrepreneurs, and it’s great to see the world embracing the entrepreneurial spirit. I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be an engineer, in fact, I don’t recall there was ever a time when I’d considered becoming anything else. It would be brilliant if more children grow up feeling as though there is no other job they would consider other than running their own business. This is why I was so pleased to read Lord Young’s recent report outlining the importance of enterprise in education, instilling a glass half full mentality and a can-do positive attitude in the next generation of entrepreneurs. 12.5% of 16-19 year olds now think that they will become self employed, and nowadays, even if you don’t want to start a business yourself, you’re quite likely to work for a small business, with 95.5% of firms employing 10 staff or less.

SMEs are also looking for different skills in their employees than larger companies, and Lord Young has some excellent suggestions to prepare the next generation for the changing employment landscape. These include the appointment of an Enterprise Advisor for every Headmaster, and a digital Enterprise Passport for every student to track their entrepreneurial activity throughout their school career, alongside many other ideas.

Read the full report here: http://bit.ly/TwqHwU and let me know your thoughts on what else you think schools, universities and businesses could be doing to encourage enterprise!

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