In response to Geoff Baker’s blog ‘Trust me I’m an Engineer’, I completely agree with most of his thoughts and ideas. A combined approach with the help of colleagues in engineering makes good sense. I am Medical Director of a Holistic Medical Clinic and a firm believer in Preventative Functional Medicine. As individuals we should take responsibility for our own health with the help of professionals. This could include monitoring of our health functions at home and then relaying to the appropriate centre for analysis. This already happens with cardiac monitoring and results are sent to a G.P or specialist for reporting and action. Patients send many tests directly to laboratories via, urine, saliva and blood for analysis and results are forwarded to a qualified Medical Practitioner, with a copy for the patient.

Detailed questionnaires via computer analysis can help monitor signs and symptoms and then analysed by the appropriate professional. Every patient is an individual and therefore needs personalised medication.

A detailed genomic profile for an individual will help pinpoint the need for preventative medical advice to change lifestyle, nutrition, or avoid certain pollutants. Testing for environmental toxins, such as heavy metals, PCB’s pesticides, water plastics and many others which are often the sources of tiredness or illness. DNA adducts can be blocked and result in illness, these can be unblocked. The action of your genetic makeup can be changed. Stem cell therapy in expert hands will be and is now available to treat many conditions. Advanced C.T scans, 3 T MRI scans, advanced CT scanning of coronary arteries with or without dye can diagnose soft and hard plaque and then treatment started to prevent progress of the disease.

Electronic devices in our modern world are wonderful for communicating, but a small percentage of people have a serious medical problem with any contact with electromagnetic fields induced with common devices such as computers, phones, or any mechanism that works by electromagnetic conduction.

We need engineers to help us as a medical profession, to invent and promote home care and monitoring that is cheap and effective in diagnosing and preventing disease long before it develops and kills us. Quality of life is most important, not necessarily long life without quality. The cost saving of prevention rather than waiting to diagnose pathology must be the logical medicine of the future. Most of this technology is now available and needs to be synchronised by a competent IT specialist in conjunction with the engineering and medical profession to look to the future to fine tune investigations and constant monitoring of our body functions to prevent disease and keep us healthy and fit into old age.

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