Mission – The mission statement of a company should contain the very essence of your business philosophy. It should not be just a bland statement that gets put in the reception. The mission statement not only defines what the company is committed to become, but “why” it is striving for this mission. The statement should unite shareholders, employees and customers in demonstrating to them that through the achievement of the company mission it will help them achieve their own personal or business goals.

Everything that is done by the company is done for ultimate purpose of achieving the company mission. Quite simply, the company exists to achieve its mission.

Values – Every good company is built on values, with respect to its customers, employees, suppliers, the environment or society in general. Many large companies are now finding that values with respect to social issues, health and safety and the environment can significantly affect customer loyalty and investment decisions by shareholders.

The mission and values of company are not just nice words they are the fundamental building blocks upon which the company’s business strategy, management systems and infrastructure are built.

Business Model – A business model can be created for a business by defining the enabling criteria i.e. the criteria that enables the mission to be achieved and the values upheld. The management systems, infrastructure and processes for the company can be measured, developed and refined against these criteria. Once a company has developed its management systems and infrastructure to reflect its mission and values, the company becomes far more robust and “saleable”. Additionally, expansion of the company particularly geographically can then be achieved by replicating the management systems and procedures in the new location. The same principal has been used with tremendous success by many of the large multi nationals in their global expansion.

Finally, it is important to remember that you can never say that you have achieved your mission; only that you are working towards it, which is why a mission is journey not a destination.

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