The talents of your staff as a team are key to the achievement of your business goals.

In the early stages of a company these values will be instinctively driven and upheld by you as owner manager. However, as the company expands, and day to day contact with the staff gradually moves further away, it is important to put into place management processes that will ensure “people excellence” values are continually upheld.

These management processes should address such areas as:

Recruitment – How the recruitment process selects new people that are able to uphold the business and technical standards of the company.

Induction and Training – How new employees are introduced into the company to ensure that they are fully aware of the company, its mission, values, management and infrastructure and their roles and responsibilities within it.

Development of the Individual – How individuals are developed and encouraged to achieve their full potential, to meet the objectives and goals of the company, and to achieve their own personal agendas.

Development of Team – How teams are developed and encouraged to work harmoniously and achieve a high level of synergistic performance aligned to the needs of the company.

Mission Focus – How all staff are focused and relate to the mission and values of the company.

Management of People – How people are managed to ensure that they work towards achievement of the company’s goals, whilst achieving satisfaction with respect to their own expectations of the company.

Compensation and Benefits – How the compensation and benefits package of all staff are reviewed to ensure that they reflect their experience, performance and market value, commensurate with company performance and individual expectation.

Never forget, there is great truth in the saying “build your people and your people will build your business”

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