Incorporating Entrepreneurial Engineers 

Geoff Baker edited


“All comments and opinions are my own, from my own experiences and knowledge of the engineering profession” – Geoff Baker


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Since our early ancestors first picked a stone from the earth and formed into a tool, we began to shape the world we live in. That process has continued for millions of years, driven by our basic instincts, to eat, to protect ourselves, to fight and to flight; to survive.

Today we call it engineering; but the bronze age, the iron age, the Ancient Greeks and Romans, through to the great inventors that started the industrial revolution, they were the engineers of their time.

It is the same today, engineering is the heart of our society, we depend on engineering for our wealth creation and for everything we need, produce and consume as a society. Engineers will be called upon to solve the challenges we face now and into the 21st century, challenges in energy, transportation, manufacturing, climate change, housing and even the basic needs, such as clean water and food production.

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